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Patient Preferred aims to provide those practicing in the healthcare industry with the necessary tools to achieve their career goals with an exclusive and comprehensive array of image and branding platforms, and resources.

Patient Preferred members are privy to powerful applications for recognition and exposure which include personalized profiles, press releases, multi-media releases,  video distributions, social media web pages, billboard appearances, magazine features, practice websites, (SEO) search engine optimizations and much more. 


FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, CW, The Times, Business News and the Daily Journal are just a few media outlets on which our members recognition appear.


Our practitioners receive the exposure and online credibility they deserve while branding their careers and securing online recognition among others in their field.

Our PPP members are selected by our president, they are highly regarded by colleagues & patients in their field and are seen as today’s leaders among healthcare professionals. 

Potential Million Viewers 

Customized Website Design

Responsive, fast loading with a modern design and feel. Affordable websites that reflect your brand and effectively communicate your products and services.

Social Media Marketing

Think of your perfect customer, and odds are they're on social media. Profile pages and content on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that match perfectly with your website.

You can't afford to not be there!

Podcast Interviews

Recognition Plaques

National Magazine Feature & Article Submissions

Video Profiles

Book Reviews

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Why Doctors Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Online Reviews

Harvard Business Review

FORBES: What Does Your Online Presence Say About You? 15 Ways To Build Your Personal Brand

Creating an image online is hard work. It requires forethought into what message you want to convey, as well as the writing and technical skills to create the image you're imagining. The rewards, though, are worth it: A brand offers a chance to display your skills, draw in public interest and establish a strong marketing engine. So how can you get started?

Why 'being a good dentist' is never enough

The rise of corporate dentistry means private practices need to be more business-savvy. In this article, Graig Presti of Local Search For Dentists looks at how smart dental practice marketing can level the playing field.

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Doctor Ratings and Reviews

 How Yelping Doctors Is Improving Americans’ Health Care

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 with 80% indicating their efforts increased traffic to their websites...

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