Dr. Jeffrey M. Weber, MD is Meritoriously Named a ‘Patient Preferred Gastroenterologist’ for 2020 by the Exclusive Society of Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners.

For her dedication and excellence in patient care, Patient Preferred Physicians and Practitioners proudly named  Dr. Natalie W. Geary, MD, a “Patient Preferred Physician” representing Pediatrics for the state of Florida.  


Dr. Kinga Michelle (Tibold) Huzella, M.D. is Meritoriously Named a

‘Patient Preferred Top Ophthalmologist’ representing the state of Maryland!

Elizabeth DuRant, DNP is Named a Patent Preferred Nurse for 2020!

Patient Preferred Physicians Proudly Named Dr. Sanjeev Jain, MD, PhD “Patient Preferred Immunologist of the Year” Representing the State of California for 2019!

Dr. Vatsala S. Sastry, MD is Meritoriously Named a 2019 ‘Patient Preferred Infectious Disease Specialist’ Representing the State of Florida!

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